0.5Watt 8R mini Round Speaker Diameter 36MM

Product Name : Magnet Speaker;Power : 0.5WResistance : 8 Ohm;Type : Internal MagnetShape : Round;Magnet Diameter : 16mm/ 0.63"Size : 36 x 4.8mm/1.4" x 0.2"(D*T);Material : Magnet,Metal, Plastic..

2.00 JOD

2 feet of vertical button switch 12 * 12 * 5

2 feet of vertical button switch 12 * 12 * 5Dimension: 12x12x5mmRated Load: DC12V 50mAWithstand Voltage: AC250V..

0.10 JOD

4015 with mic line phone microphone

Features:100% brand new and high quality.Electric condenser microphone, back electret type, small in size.An acoustic-to-electric transducer or a sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal.W..

1.00 JOD

6v lamp

6v lamp..

0.75 JOD

6v lamp base

This Mini E10 Light Bulb base is commonly used for science projects and displays where you'd like the ability to screw in a bulb and connect it without soldering. Holds 1 E10 Mini Light Bulb.Specifica..

0.75 JOD

7402 NOR


1.00 JOD

7432 OR

7432 OR (sn7432n) OR DATASHEET..

1.00 JOD



1.00 JOD

7805/5v regulator

7805/5v regulator100% Brand new and high quality Output Voltage Tolerance : ±4%Output Current up to 1AOutput Voltage: 5vThermal Overload ProtectionShort Circuit ProtectionOutput Transisto..

0.50 JOD

7809/9v regulator

7809/9v regulatorL78 Series of fixed output voltage regulators are useful in a wide range of applications within the electronics Industry. The three terminal positive linear voltage regulators can rem..

1.00 JOD

7905/-5v regulator

7905/-5v regulator5V Negative Voltage RegulatorOutput Voltage: -5VOutput  Current: 1.5AMinimum Input Voltage is 7VMaximum Input Voltage is 25VOperating current(IQ) is 5mA    &..

1.00 JOD

7909/-9v regulator

7909/-9v regulatorL7909CV L7909 7909 TO-220 ST Voltage Regulator 9V ..

1.00 JOD

AND 2-input

AND 2-input SN74HC08NAND Gate 4-Element 2-IN CMOS 14-Pin PDIP Tube - Bulk (Alt: SN74HC08N)The ’HC08 devices contain four independent 2-input AND gates. They perform the Boolean function Y = A • B or Y..

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