LCD and Display

0.91 inch OLED module 0.91" blue OLED 128X32 OLED LCD LED Display Module

Features:    OLED display, no need backlight, self-illumination, the display performance is better than the traditional LCD display, also lower consumption.    Driver IC:..

10.00 JOD

1.6" Nokia-Compatible 5110 LCD Module w/ Blue Backlit - Blue

1. \"LIGHT\" linked with GND, the backlight to be lit.2. Need you to compress the screen and PCB tighter, might got loose after the delivery.3 Use a 3.3V controller, otherwise the display could be qui..

4.00 JOD

40 pins header strip socket 2.54mm

Product Name : Pin Header; Position : 40;Pin Pitch : 2.54mm/ 0.1";Total Size : 202 x 10 x 2.5mm/ 7.8" x 0.4" x 0.1"( L*W*H);Row : 1; Mounting Angle : Straight;Material : Plastic, Metal;Color : Black, ..

0.25 JOD

4PIN 1.3" OLED module blue color 128X64

1, resolution: 128X642, super wide viewing angle: more than 160 ° (maximum viewing angle display a screen)3, ultra-low power consumption: normal display&nb..

9.00 JOD

LCD Display Module Blue/Yellow 20x4

2004 204 20X4 Character LCD Display Module Green Backlight.Condition: brand newBlue backlightFully assembled and tested Serial LCD 20x4 ModuleDisplay Format: 20 Characters x 4 linesSupply voltage..

10.00 JOD

LCD Module Display 16x2 Blue

Brand new and high quality.LCD display module with Yellow blacklight.Wide viewing angle and high contrast.Built-in industry standard HD44780 equivalent LCD controller.Commonly used in: copiers, f..

3.50 JOD

OLED 0.96" I2C IIC Interface OLED Screen Blue and yellow Color OLED Display

Description:128*64 LED display module for Arduino, supports many control chip.Fully compatible with Arduino, 51 Series, MSP430 Series, STM32 / 2, CSR IC, etc.Ultra-low power consumption: full screen l..

10.00 JOD
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