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4000W AC voltage regulator

SpecificationsInput Voltage: 110 - 220 VACOutput Voltage: 10 -220 VACTriac: BT25-800BMaximum Current: 25AMaximum Power: 4KWDimensions: 85*60*40mm (L x W x H)Weight: 136g..

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Boost Buck DC-DC adjustable step up down Converter XL6009 Module Solar Voltage Boost Buck DC-DC adjustable step up down Converter XL6009 Module Solar Voltage

Boost Buck DC-DC adjustable step up down Converter XL6009 Module Solar Voltage

Specification: Auto start voltage will be pulled down to 7V less or smaller engine at high speed when the voltage up to 15V or higher. For 12V electrical work hard at work, this automatic buck module ..

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Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V/5V For Raspberry Pi Arduino

Breadboard power supply moduleCompatible with 5V and 3.3VApply to MB102 BreadboardInput voltage: 6.5-12 VDC or USB power supplyOutput voltage: 3.3V/5V can switch overPower on and off bu..

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DDS signal generator

Features:Provided lots of electronic components for you to do it by yourself.Simple circuit with easily accessible and cheap components.Delicate high speed (HS) signal output up to 8MHz.DDS signal wit..

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LM2596 LM2596S DC-DC 4.5-40V adjustable Step-down Power Module

Input voltage :4V ~ 35VThe output voltage : 1.23V ~ 30VOutput Current :3A( Max)Conversion efficiency:92%( MAX )Output ripple: <30mVSwitching frequency: 150KHzWorking temperature: -forty Five~ ..

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LM317 DC-DC Converters Step Down Power Module Adjustable Linear Regulator with LED Meter

Adjustable regulator module with LED display. 2A or less can be loaded, AC or DC voltage input. The output voltage is 1.25V-28V DC continuously adjustable, versatile for DC board. Using..

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LM317 regulator

Features of LM317• Output Voltage Range Adjustable From 1.25 V to 37 V• Output Current Greater Than 1.5 A• Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting• Thermal Overload Protection..

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Logic Level Converter 3.3V 5V TTL for Arduino

New 3.3V 5V TTL Logic Level Converter Bi-directional Conversion System For Arduino Electronic Components2 channels of high-voltage logic and low-voltage logic bilateral switching2-channel of high-volt..

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NE555 Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module Square Wave Signal Generator

Features:1. As a square wave signal generator,generates a square wave signal used for experimental development.2. Used to drive a stepper motor for generating a square wave drive signal.3. Generate ad..

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