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30A 12/24V solar charge controller
1.1PCS 30A 12/24V solar charge controller
2.1x USERS` Manual

This solar charge controller is designed for solar DC power supply system. MCU and professional software are applied as the control center to fulfill intelligent system control. LED will indicate the working state. It`s easy to turn on and turn off output through manual operation. And there are two optional voltage modes, 12V and 24V.

MCU and professional software are used as the control center to fulfill intelligent system control, along with PWM high efficiency charging way. Boost, recovery and float charging auto work for battery long-life and with temperature compensation. It has high accuracy over discharging control by the discharging rate, over-discharging control voltage modified by the battery discharging rate curve. Our controller has the function of self protection from overload, outside and inside short circuit, reverse connection, thunder and lightning, PV panel reverse current, over charging and discharging etc. During the short circuit and overload protection, no any component will be damaged and need change, including fuse. The LED will indicate the working state of the system in charging, overcharging power full, power low, over-discharging, over load, out short circuit, load on/off and etc. Our products meet the industrial production standard with wide temperature running area -35degrees C to +55degrees C.

Rated charging current
Rated load current
Work voltage

12V;24V auto switch
Over load, short circuit protection

Over load protection action: 1.25times rated load current in 60-sec, 1.5 times rated load current in 5-sec; Short circuit protection action: >=3times rated load current
No load current

Charging circuit voltage drop
Load circuit voltage drop
Over voltage protection
17V, x2/24V
Work temperature
Industry stage: -35degrees C to +55degrees C
Boost charge voltage

14.6V; x2/24V(keep 10-min) (Only applied when overdischarge appears)
Direct charge voltage
14.4V; x2/24V(keep 10-min)

Float charge voltage

13.6V; x2/24V(keep working until drop to the point of charge return voltage action)
Charge return voltage

13.2V; x2/24V

Temperature compensation

-5mv/degrees C/2V(Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage)
Lower voltage indicate
12.0V; x2/24V
Over discharge voltage
11.1V no load-real-time modified voltag
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