Digital Multimeter XL830L

Digital Multimeter XL830L

Product Code: Digital Multimeter
  • 7.50 JOD

Function ------- Range ------- Accuracy

DC voltage: 200mV - 2-20-200-600V ± 0.5%

AC voltage: 200V-600V ± 1.0%

DC current: 200u-2m-20m-200m-10A ± 1.8%

Resistance: 200-2k-20k-200k-2MΩ ± 1.0%

Transistor measurements: Yes (PNP / NPN transistor hFE)

Diode measurement: Yes

Input resistance: 1MΩ

Battery: 9V, 6F22

Maximum display: 1999 (3 half liquid crystal display)

Display size: 45 × 20mm

product description

3 1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999

• Data hold function

• Low voltage symbol display

· Backlight function

· Overload protection

• On-off measurement

Diode: Yes

Transistor: Yes

On-off measurement: Yes

Data retention: Yes

Backlight: Yes

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