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11.1V 4200MAH Lipo Battery 45C XT60

Original price was: 53.960 د.ا.Current price is: 53.955 د.ا.

12V 430 RPM DC Motor w/Encoder

Original price was: 49.500 د.ا.Current price is: 48.560 د.ا.

Case Holder For E18-D80NK infrared obstacle avoidance sensor proximity switch

Original price was: 1.000 د.ا.Current price is: 0.344 د.ا.

Double BTS7960 43A H-bridge

Original price was: 20.000 د.ا.Current price is: 12.727 د.ا.

E18-D80NK Adjustable Infrared OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE SENSOR 3-80CM

Original price was: 9.000 د.ا.Current price is: 4.860 د.ا.

Faulhaber 1524E06 Gearmotor with Encoder 485:1

Original price was: 68.000 د.ا.Current price is: 66.300 د.ا.

JSUMO 12mm Motor Brackets (Pair)

Original price was: 6.500 د.ا.Current price is: 6.312 د.ا.

JSUMO 16mm Motor Mount Pair (For Profast Series)

Original price was: 3.500 د.ا.Current price is: 3.451 د.ا.

JSUMO 37mm Motor Mount Pair (For Titan Series)

Original price was: 7.000 د.ا.Current price is: 6.685 د.ا.

JSUMO CNC Machined Flat Hubs (3mm Hole – Pair)

Original price was: 6.750 د.ا.Current price is: 6.419 د.ا.
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